Dailies - a place I post recent work, personal projects & things I’m experimenting with 

6/18/18 - Recent pictures for Piaule

4/24/18 - Sierra @ the studio

4/20/18 - Stopped by an old friends studio last month, Elizabeth Jaeger, in Bushwick. She’s making some beautiful new work, I was psyched to take a peek.

4/8/18 - Conner, musician, 19 @ my apartment a few weekends ago

3/22/18 - Some polaroids from my shoot with Level last fall starring Julia, Pippa & Nico 

2/26/18 - A few outtakes from a job last fall. Nico is one of my fav people to photograph

2/19/18 - I’ve been making pictures about women I feel inspired by & intimate with. This is Veronica & Caroline